Job Description

Bule Hora University would like to employee teaching staffs on the following positions.

Position: 1.Animals and Range science

Qualification: above in Animals and Range science with specialization of Animal nutrition, Range land Mgn’t ,and DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).

Required No: Animal Nutrition one (1) Range land Mgn’t one (1),and DVM one (1)

Total: three(3)

Position: 2. plant science

Qualification:- /above in plant science with the specialization of soil science and Bsc or above in agricultural/soil Engineering.

Required No: Agricultural/soil Engineering one (1), and soil science one (1) Total: two (2)

Position :- 3 . Management

Qualification: -BA or above in Management with specialization of Marketing Management, in MBA, in Entrepreneurship , in General management , in Human resource Management, and in Strategies management.

Required Number: BA One (1) MA Two (2) Total Three (3)

Position: 4. Civil Engineering

Qualification- Bsc or above in Civil Engineering

Required Number: Total: Six (6)

Position:5. COTM

Qualification- Bsc or above in COTM

Required Number: Total: Six (6)

Position: 6. Computer Science

Qualification- Bsc or above in Computer Science Required Number: Total : One (1)

Position. 7. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Qualification: -Msc or above in Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization of Control Eng. ,Communication and Electrical and Computer stream Eng,

Required Number:- Control One (1) Communication one (1), and Computer stream Two (2) Total: Four  Position: 8. Information Science

Qualification– Bsc or above in Information Science

Required Number:- Total: One (1)

Position 9. Mechanical Engineering

Qualification– Bsc or above in Mechanical Engineering

Required Number:- Total : One (1)

Position: 10. Nurse

Qualification– Bsc or above in nursing

Required Number:- Bsc Two (2),and Msc Two (2) Total: Four (4)

Position: 11. Midwifery

Qualification: – Bsc or above in Midwifery

Required Number:- Bsc Six (6) ,and Msc Two (2) Total: Eight (8)

Position: 12.Anatomy

Qualification– Msc or above in Anatomy

Required Number:-Total: One (1)

Position: 13. Laboratory technology

Qualification– Bsc or above in Laboratory technology. Required Number:- Bsc Two (2) ,and Ms; Two (2) Total: Four (4)

Position: 14. Medical Doctor

Qualification– Bsc or above in Medical Doctor

Required Number:- Total: Two (2)

Position: 15. Physiologist

Qualification– Msc or above in Physiologist Required Number:-Total: Two (2)

Position 16. Mathematics

Qualification: Msc or above in Mathematics with specialization of Real Analysis, and Combinatory Required Number:- Real Analysis Three (3), Combinatory Two (2) Total(5)

Position: 17. Geology

Qualification: PHD in Geology with specialization of Petrology and geochemistry.

Required Number: Petrology and geochemistry one (1) Total: 1 (one)

Position:18 History and Heritage management

Qualification: BA or above in History and Heritage management with specialization of Tourism and Heritage Mgt or Tourism Dev’t, and, Archeology. and Heritage Mgt. Required Number: Archaeology and Heritage Mgt (1), Tourism and Heritage Mgt/ tourism Dev’t (1) Total Two (2)

Position:- 19 . English Language and Literature

Qualification: MA or above in English Language and Literature with specialization of Linguistics, and Literature

Required Number: – Linguistics Three (3), and Literature Two (2) Total: Five (5)

Position; 20. Philosophy

Qualification:- BA or above in Philosophy Required Number: BA Three (3), and MA (2) Total: Five (5) Position:- 21 Psychology & Education Behavioral studies

Qualification :- BA or above in Psychology with specialization of Educational Psychology or Counseling Psychology , EdPM, Adult Education and Community Development, Curriculum. and Special Needs & Inclusive Education.

Required Number :- MA in Counseling Psychology (1), MA in Curriculum (2) ,BA/MA in Special Need education (1), BA in EdPM (2) , MA in EdPM (1) ,BAJ MA in Adult Education and Community Development (2) Total : 9 (Nine).

Position:- 22 .Geography and Environmental Studies

Qualification:- MA or above in Geography with specialization of Human geography

Required Number: Human geography Two (2) Total: Two (2)

Position: 23. Senior Technical Assistant.

Qualification: -Diploma or Above in Veterinary Laboratory technician and/or Bsc in Natural resource Management/plant Science, and Animal Sciences.

Required Number: – Veterinary Laboratory technician (1), NRM / Plant science (1), Animal Sciences (1) Total: Three (3)

Position: 24. Senior Technical Assistant.

Qualification Bsc in Chemistry &Nurse Laboratory Technician Required Number:- Chemistry Lab Three (3),and Nurse Lab (1 Total :Four. (4)

Position:- 25. Senior Technical Assistant

Qualification: -Bsc degree in Chemical Eng, Civil Eng, Electrical eng. Computer stream, Communication, power, and Control and also Information technology

Required Number:- Chemical Eng.(1), Civil Eng.(2) ,Electrical eng. Computer stream, (2)Communication (2), power (2), and Control (1) and also IT (2) Total: -Ten (10)

Position: 26. Senior Technical Assistant

Qualification:-BA in Journalism and Communication -Required skill (Photo editing, Audio editing, Vedio editing, and Website developing)

See How To Apply Below

When you apply please notify you found this job on

Required Number:- one (1)


  • For all position Work Place is at BuleHoraUniversity
  • Appointment condition for all position is contract as per higher education institution provision.
  • For all Applicants on position MA/Msc the first degree CGPA should be 2.50 and above, and For Applicant on position BA or Bsc with CGPA 2.75 and above
  • Salary for all position is as per the public University scale
  • Female applicants are encouraged.
  • All Applicant should submit copies of their CV, academic credential to Bule Hora University Via postal address P.O.Box 144 Bule Hora or Fax No 0464431086, or Adis Ababa Gofa Gebriel square, on Mebrat Hail Road, on the side to*Gofa police station 50 meters away from the main road, Bule Hora university Liaison office Within 10 working days from 27th January 2019.
  • Short listed Applicant will be interviewed. The date of interview will be announced.
  • For More Information Use the phone number 0464430127 for Bule Hora/0114705456 for Addis Ababa or check on

Bule Hora university


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