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Thank you for your interest in writing for Synergy Habesha’s Addis Gadfly magazine. Our company Synergy Habesha Films and Communications, is an independent media company that provides 360-degree services in the areas of documentary and feature film production, best practice documentation, TV & radio programs and publications. More importantly, our company was established with the motto: empowering community through media.

Such empowerment is what we aim to do with this magazine.  Ethiopia is culturally and artistically rich, and yet we don’t recognize or celebrate it enough. With this publication, we aim to celebrate anything Ethiopian and artistic, be it in:

  • Film,
  • Music,
  • Paintings and fine art,
  • Contemporary art (including street art),
  • Traditional art and clothing,
  • Sculptures,
  • Performance art,
  • Theater,
  • Literature and poetry,
  • Fashion, etc.

We want to awaken the Ethiopian people’s interest in art in general, as well as in the various Ethiopian art forms and cultures.The types of articles we are looking for cover current and past trends of Ethiopian art and will be in the formats of:

  • Biographical articles,
  • Interviews/Q&A,
  • Events and new releases,
  • Reflection or criticism,
  • Current news in the arts,
  • Historical articles on Ethiopian films, paintings, performances, traditional work, etc
  • You can also make a case for what you think is an art form or a style/format.

Articles should be written in:
-Font 12 Times New Roman, 1.5 space, 2-3 pages (ENGLISH)
-Font 12 Nyala, 1.5 space, 2-3 pages (AMHARIC)

When you apply please notify you found this job on

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If you believe you have an interesting perspective on art in Ethiopia (or a more specific subject within Ethiopian arts), please send queries or an abstract/summary to


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